Impressionist Portrait of the Architect, by Stacy Fowler-Brehny, 1982

Wayne Ferrell, M.A., R.A., NCARB, and Stephanie Ferrell, FAIA (one of the youngest recipients of AIA Silver and Bronze Medals, ever) are among the finest international architectural teams, having designed over 1000+ built projects worldwide. Wayne Ferrell is a Florida Architect, California Architect, Nevada Architect, New York Architect, New Jersey Architect, Pennsylvania Architect, Maine Architect, and Louisiana Architect, Virginia Architect and recipient of the sought after NCARB (National Council of Architecture Registration Boards) certification. Through NCARB, they can receive reciprocity in any U.S. State or U.S territory within a matter of weeks. Of course, after 1000+ built architectural projects, of all types, for over 30 years, they know all aspects of the Architecture business.

Wayne Ferrell and Stephanie Ferrell have exhibited with some of the most famous architects in the world. This group includes: Fay Jones, John Lautner, Andres Duanney, Elizabeth Platter - Zybeck, Bart Prince, Art Dyson, Robert Overstreet, Don McDonald, Herb Green, Fred Stitt, Eugene Tsui, and Kendrick Kellogg, all of whom you may have seen on countless HGTV television shows and in books and magazines world wide. Google, youtube, facebook, and twitter WayneFerrell, Stephanie Ferrrell, and Architect1 (A1A). They are amazing.  Wayne Ferrell has recently had his works on Architecture on HGTV a dozen times, and is currently invited back for more. His architecture has also appeared on the famous Miami TV show, Deco Drive 4 times and other TV shows as well. 

Stephanie Ferrell is among the most highly awarded architects of today having received the international awards, F.A.I.A. medal and the A.I.A. Silver medal, among scores of other national, state, and local awards.  After 20 years of service to the State of Florida, Stephanie Ferrell retired as director of the Tampa/Hillsboro County Historic Preservation Board to practice privately.  Stephanie Ferrell has been a potential source of development properties for various developers and town planners like Andres Duanney and she has worked with them in planning many of these developments in the Florida area.   Wayne Ferrell's and Stephanie Ferrell's projects have only grown in volume and complexity since their early days. This team has designed virtually every kind of building imaginable from state, county, and city government projects, to Church architecture for over 21 churches, hotel architecture, assisted living facilities, various housing development's planning and architecture, residential architecture of hundreds of unique custom homes, to design for the national architectural proto-type of all Playmobil stores, national architectural proto-type of the first Gap Kids, Baby Gap, and Hemisphere Mens Clothing national architectural proto-type of Frozen Yogurt Stores, national architectural proto-type of My Yogurt Bliss, national architectural proto-type of Giti clothing stores, national architectural proto-type for JMark's Restauants, plus Gap, Banana Republic, Fast Fix Jewelry retail stores, more than 100 restaurants, health spas and salons, airport buildings, car dealerships, industrial buildings, and apartments, offices, condos, and even city planning, among other designs. Please see their “Project Highlights” together and separately and in their portfolio and resume'.

Their most famous residential design, the “Moat House” has been featured on H.G.T.V, published in AAA Architecture Magazine and again in the Sunday Sun-Sentinel “Sunshine Magazine” and on HGTV many times.  Their most famous commercial design is the Playmobil prototype in Orlando, Florida, near Disney World. The goal was to clearly outdo Lego Land, and FAO Schwartz. Check their portfolio and you decide whether they accomplished this. (Playmobil is the second largest toy manufacturer and seller of children's toys in the world). Their most famous client is Lenny Kravitz. Their largest client is the billion dollar drug manufacturer, Azopharma. They are currently working on a renovation of a 100 year old farm house on a small farm in Poland. They personally have appeared on television, in newspapers and at lectures for universities, cities, counties, states, and their agencies around the U.S.  Please see more in the portfolio.

Developers have built 5 house models for a total of 35 houses at Coronado Estates development near Boca Raton, FL in the Mediterranean-Mizner Style, which Stephanie Ferrell has written extensively about.  Please see their portfolio for this and proposed townhouse designs ready for development.

We have many preservation development projects as well.  Stephanie Ferrell was preservation architect for much of historic Ybor City (Tampa), and two of Miami’s most famous South Beach Art Deco hotels; the “Hotel Victor”, right next door to the late Gianni Versace’s Mansion and another on the same boulevard by the name of “Ocean Spray”. One of their most interesting preservation projects is in Tampa’s Channel district. This design is the conversion of a 20,000 square foot 1920’s brick warehouse building into 17 residential two level loft apartments, plus a restaurant.

Their largest in-progress residence is 21,000 square foot 5 acre compound, in West Palm Beach, FL for a hotel magnet. One of their largest residences (10,000 sq. ft.), is one block south of the Boca Raton Resort Hotel and Club, in Boca Raton, Florida, in the popular traditional Medici-style courtyard palazzo. This Palazzo was a “Designer Showcase House” with Caroline Silvertand, Carol Korn, Breco, Gausmel, and other designers.

People say that their faith in Wayne Ferrell and Stephanie Ferrell is because of their real practical knowledge of actual construction practices, and the ability to truly do something beautiful.  Please see their website at www.wayneferrell.com.